Villagers are the only entities in MCA. They can naturally be found in villages, or be spawned by using a Villager spawn egg. MCA also adds two spawn eggs, one for male villagers and another one for females. These villagers look and act like humans (as far as this is possible with the current computer technology). The villagers have names and skins, with the same model as the players'. They live in villages, which look exactly the same as in Vanilla. The villagers walk around the village, but they don't do anything. They often get stuck in the well or even in the small water pool of the farms. At night, they automatically teleport to their home. The villagers have professions, like Vanilla villagers. The profession can be seen in their name tag ( [Name] the [Profession], e.g. John the Smith ). The skins are dependent on the profession. Right clicking villagers will open a GUI with buttons. These buttons let the player interact with the villager. Don't ask how to cure your wife/husband or even child because this isn't yahoo answers.


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