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Minecraft Comes Alive WikiEdit

The wiki for Minecraft Comes Alive, a mod for Minecraft which changes villagers into humans.

What is Minecraft Comes Alive?Edit

This mod Gives you A life since you don't have one right now I mean, We all know raw fish gave us a life. Wait what? I mean you can be a girl or boy, be gay, lesbian, bi or straight. Can kiss and flirt with people, can make baby's, wait that's weird. And have a kingdom of idiots roaming around your castle that took you hours to build just for you, I mean it gets annoying. o and did I tell you that you can marry or engadge with your feonsey or whatever he/she is. I mean im hotter probably. and just have fun kissing anf flirting all day. love you ons and see you later!!! thx for downloading this mudpack. <3 SERIOUSLY GIVE US SOME INFORMATION ON CHILDREN GROWTH please

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