What is Minecraft Comes Alive?Edit

Starting out.... Edit

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You will spawn in will a crystal ball click on the floor and it will spawn you in a dungeon/temple room.

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Click on the enchanting table and then it will ask you your gender.

Gender you prefer (gay or not).

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2015-07-15 16.49.08

And what you will spawn in.

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What it can spawn? Edit

(Sorry i had lot's of other mods installed, lot's i mean by 31 not including this mod and the core...)

Have a family? Edit

It can spawn you in with a nice little house...

2015-07-15 17.02.08

Live alone? Edit

(Great for survival) It will spawn in a two story house with a bed...

Live in a village? Edit

This one literately spawns in a massive village...

None of these? Edit

2015-07-15 17.06.31

This does nothing...Just nothing...

The rest i can not explain sorry but do add what you know?


Find a priest maybe a boy maybe a girl

Latest activity Edit

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